Lego Bombing and the Art of Infrastructure

Because infrastructure is an art – and there is not much distance (if any at all) between the cities of our imaginations and those of brick, glass, and steel – is seems only too perfect that the building blocks of the urban imagination find themselves wedged in the concrete crevices opened-up in the built environment by the transformative work of time.
Here is a selection of Dispatchwork’s reconfiguration of built structures with colorful “Lego”-like Plastic Construction Bricks I came across via Shareable:Lego Bombing and the Art of Infrastructure.

As Dispatchwork manifests:

Dispatchwork aims to seal fissures in broken walls worldwide, completing the material compilation in urban constructing and adding color to the urban greyscales, by inserting a very basic construction-material:Plastic Construction Bricks (PCBs). In fact, PCBs are one of the first material with which we conceive architecture. PCBs are solid and stiff and shape up perfectly rectangular yet, concerning the essential structure, they contradict the purpose, given that the repair is just so very temporary, with the patches crumbling out of the walls in a matter of no time, being taken or washed away. Dispatchwork does not defy deterioration. Rather, it aims to emphasize transitoriness as a chance for the construction and reconstruction of our environments. Adapting to various cities, the project infiltrates walls of cultural heritage, historic facades, fortifications and yet many more less spectacular corners as a colorful repair of shabby walls within our shared spaces.

Not only is this Dispatchwork’s own work, but they have inspired others whose work is also shared through Dispatchwork’s site. You can find them here. A few highlights for your visual pleasure….

Valpariso, Chile

Berlin, Germany

Tel Aviv, Israel

All images are from Dispatchwork’s
website 🙂


~ by Em on May 23, 2013.

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