Zimmerman Supporters: “I Killed Trayvon Martin”


Across the nation supporters have rallied in defense of alleged shooter of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman. “I call out to people to be awake. Open your mind and your senses to the impending assault on our civil liberties” spoke Charles Gulman. Gulman, a Fish and Game store owner, is one of hundreds rallied at charity firearm swap Grieved Guns for George. “We are gonna be out here every week until we raise enough money, or enough guns to defend our right to defend ourselves.”

Besides the broker fees for arranging swaps, money is also being raised by vending political action merchandise. Over half the attendees are sporting shirts and buttons emblazoned with red, white, and blue flames surrounding the statement: “I killed Trayvon Martin.”

“It’s a relief to see so many people still care about what direction we are headed in,” said Cynthia Thayer, organizer for the event. “When Georgie was arrested we knew something had to be done,” she said, while answering questions about the impetus of this new counter movement. “So we talked to the county commissioner so that we were licensed and legal. And we had a cook out.”

Advertising for the expanding movement took off through a counter to the ubiquitous phrase “I am Trayvon Martin” which everyone from Occupiers to professional sports teams has been wearing. The statement “I killed Trayvon Martin” is featured on headbands, hats, tank tops, and buttons. Online sales were immediately viral, with much support coming from orders across the country.

Supporters for George Zimmerman have raised over $200,000 in funds since he was arrested and charged with second degree murder three weeks ago.

-written by guest correspondent Tyler Foley


~ by Vy on April 30, 2012.

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