State of The Union for Dummies

Last week President Obama gave his third annual State of the Union address. It’s probably the most important one of his career thus far, seeing as it comes nine short month before “Blah blah blah Bam USA PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION 2012”!  If you hadn’t noticed. It’s also a pretty important speech for us, since it will help determine whether or not Obama can win over half a nation of idiots who might otherwise vote for Mitt Romney (gag), Newt Gingrich (yawn), or worse, Dick Santorum (shivers).

If you haven’t watched it yet, you can catch the complete “enhanced broadcast” HERE, complete with hilarious Colbert-esque graphics for people with short attention spans.

If you’re a die hard leftist, closet-socialist, or flaming anarchist you’ll find Obama’s pro-Amurrica, pushing numbers, economy talk to be a little GOP. I think he does a fine job of walking the thin middle line, a job no other candidate seems willing to do (or even capable of doing).

Here are some of my favorite highlights (for a variety of reasons) from the set.

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If you wanna grab some friends and catch up on the state of the nation together, there’s this daunting State of the Union 2012 DRINKING GAME  to keep things moving.


~ by Vy on February 1, 2012.

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