Fun Things To Do in Sweden: Erato

It’s in the tradition of Fallopia to celebrate when we discover something new and wonderful that women are doing in the world. Growing out of my newfound love for girl bands, and female voices, here is a video of a very talented group of young women from Sweden that you will want to watch three times and show all your friends:

Erato. Members: Amanda Wikström, Petra Brohäll and Ebba Lovisa

Thank cottage cheese and Alexander Parkes for the inspirational percussion. Girls will be practicing this around their kitchen table for  months to come…maybe longer. I like their precise pop sentimentality and static harmonies, so I hope Erato’s got more tricks up their sleeves, and this isn’t the last we hear of them.

The song “Call Your Girllfriend” is a cover from the Swedish pop artist Robyn, who I’d never heard of until I saw the Erato version. The original song is über-produced and significantly less interesting, but the video may be worth watching just to watch someone dance shamelessly for a camera the way 15-year old girls dance when they’re drunk and home alone and absolutely sure no one is watching. Check that one out here.  


~ by Vy on November 8, 2011.

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