Los Angeles Teachers: Value Added

Public opinion about public education is changing all the time. Every decade or so, we look for a new scapegoat upon which to place the blame for an education system nearly eveyrone agress in inadequate.

Unfortunately, this is about as far as the agreement goes. The primary roadblock to finding a solution to public education is that we can not agree what the problem is. Is it segregation? Poverty? Unfunded federal mandates that interfere wiht local control? Not enough federal involvement? Low standards? Poor teaching?

Teachers seem to have been taking the brunt of the criticism over the last 5 years or so. The new documentary “Waiting for Superman” is case in point. The Los Angeles Times has been especially actuve in maintinaig techer scrutinty, and voicing publci crtisicism of individual professionals. Now they have developed a publci ranking system that publishes the change in test scores for each individial classroom teacher. The ranking is called the “value-added” score:

A teacher’s value-added rating is based on his or her students’ progress on the California Standards Tests for English and math. The difference between a student’s expected growth and actual performance is the “value” a teacher added or subtracted during the year. A school’s value-added rating is based on the performance of all students tested there during that period.

Check it out here: http://projects.latimes.com/value-added/


~ by Vy on November 7, 2010.

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