My City vs. Your City

It’s personal.

Place and person are inextricable. Fallopia can’t stop talking about it. You are the conglomerated effects of the billboards, ice cream truck ditties, and morning radio show of your pesky hometown. Going to college in Los Angeles, or London, makes all the difference and your best friend who went to school in Buffalo or Berlin is not as cool as you remember. Pop Culture is king. Now we’ve got  some answers.

My City vs. Your City. It’s a very basic, very brilliant little app created by 27-year old Michael Schieben in Hamburg, Germany. (Check out his other projects, like “Charting” if you like this one. )

It’s simple. You choose two cities from a surprisingly extensive list of international metropolis. The application then shows you the  Top 10 Musical Artists  in both cities, and graphs the correlation in a 1980’s neon pie graph.

Apparently everyone in Los Angeles is over the Beatles, which I’m glad to see. 53%  overlap between NYC and LA seems pretty low to me, and I’m wondering if Arcade Fire is just an East Coast phenomenon, so I check out New York vs. Boston next. Interestingly enough, the correlation drops even more. After another 30 minutes of playing around with this thing, I bow to Radiohead as an international phenomenon, and make a personal note to find out who the heck are “Crystal Castles” though I know the French have horrible taste in music. I smile at the fact that Lady Gaga is kicking ass in Portland. I’m having too much fun.

I can think of about 15 brilliant uses for this project, but I’d love to hear yours.

Schieben gets his data from and I doubt it’s realiable enough to use in your dissertation quite yet. The entire continent of African is missing from the survey, but it’s still a fun little trip around the world.

It’s not that city vs. some city. It not this city and the other city. It’s your city and my city.

Play around with yourself here:


~ by Vy on September 10, 2010.

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