Emotional Stability Test:

This is an assessment Emvy has generated that has served us with astonishing fidelity.
It is a gendered test, designed for males. It is strictly pass/fail.
Send us your answers, and we will tell you if you passed.


  1. Have you ever been in a serious relationship?
  2. Do you live alone?
  3. Have you ever had to let someone know that you just weren’t that into them?
  4. Who is the most questionable musician/band you listen to?
  5. In a pick-up game, do you play shirts or skins?
  6. Honestly, do you call, do you text, or do you forget?
  7. What is a good date movie?
  8. What do you think if she makes you cookies?

~ by Vy on September 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “Emotional Stability Test:”

  1. 1. yes
    2. yes
    3. no
    4. Mc Solar
    5. shirts
    6. call
    7. Harold and Maude
    8. She’s lovely

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