Volcanic Dust Cloud from Iceland

Unleash the wrath of Thor and Odin.

First it was the banks, now they’re attacking with ash. I think the Icelanders are preparing to invade the UK.

Volcanic Dust Cloud from Iceland, I’m pretty sure, is about the most severe neo-punk, emo-rock, karate kid take-over band name I’ve ever come across.

Rising over the frigid rooftops of Reykjavík and billowing out into a DeLilloesque amorphous mass of expulsion, the invasion is staging a revolution of airspace, colonizing your lungs and pores with its nordic soul grooves, fresh and guaranteed to radiate glacial delight. Don’t be fooled by their lasciviously chill and lingering presence, they will envelope you with their particulate, silicate matter, taking prisoners into their tornado of revenge across the Atlantic and into their icy-gray atmospheres.

Mother Earth is releasing particles into the atmosphere to contribute to global cooling, thus counter-acting the massive release of greenhouse gases by her naughty child, Homo-Colossus. That Homo-Colossus must ground a few gas emitters for a few days makes Homo-Colossus angry, but that is not Mother Earth’s intent. She merely wants to save all of the living creatures on the planet so that Homo-Colossus will have somebody to play with.

Will they have mercy on you?


~ by Em on April 15, 2010.

35 Responses to “Volcanic Dust Cloud from Iceland”

  1. Artistic inspiring shots of the volcanic dust cloud and I also appreciate your poetic analysis.

  2. great images – thanks for sharing these!


  3. WOW

  4. thank u

  5. I hope Sweden doesn’t get touched, would really upset me. 😦

  6. Is no one concerned about the air t which is being polluted and all you care about is some stupid pictures.

  7. Love the analysis.

  8. Impressive images, three hours ago the ashes arrived here in the aand the airports are closed now.

  9. Now I have to google “DeLilloesque”. I agree with creativepotager, very “poetic analysis”. Gloris

  10. This really has skrewed u a long coming reunion
    Pierre orban

    South Africa

  11. I can’t travel to Amsterdam,becouse of it…

  12. as i prepare to leave northern california for a transatlantic journey to amsterdam, paris and sitges, i can’t help but wonder whether or not the mayans were right….thanks for the photos..

  13. Woah, amazing images coupled with a brilliant poetic commentary ^.^

  14. I love the images! cool.

  15. Terrific Image. Shows that mother nature still reigns supreme over all technological advances that have occurred

  16. Well there goes summer sunshine in the U.S.A. by the time it goes around the globe…what do ya think, by June or July?

  17. Good blog and images!

  18. First of all how did the volcano come in Iceland ? 😉

  19. Will the end of the world start from Iceland? lol! Love your writing, imaginative and poetic. Love the very first quote… gave me the first big laugh of the day….

  20. I’m in the UK and it’s quite close. My guest from the USA postponed his visit for few days finding an alternative route. Not only from the USA. Also from Japan people who were finally about to come to Europe for holiday had to cancel and find alternative holiday destinations. So anywhere flights are linked to European cities could be affected…the problem is how long…

  21. great pic…..

  22. see something that never see before

  23. Oh honestly tuck it’s nature!!! It’s what has happened since time began and it’s what’s going to happen till the end. At least it’s natural pollution.
    Great photos by the way. Really fascinating.

  24. Nice Images and thoughts. Will be interesting to see how the whole thing pans out.


  25. global warming is a universal problem we should think over it seriously.

  26. Good, now we can blame the Icelandic people for the whoas of the earth instead of America.

  27. […] si cititi ce mai zice lumea, specialistii si […]

  28. wow the pictures are awesome

  29. Great Pics:

    Is it any wonder then that because of the billowing plumes of ash coming from the Eyjafjallajokull glacier near Reykjavík, Iceland, hundreds of thousands of passengers now find themselves ‘fortunately’ grounded? http://just-me-in-t.blogspot.com/2010/04/under-proverbial-cloud.html

  30. Beautiful pictures. Mother Nature is on some kind of a rant. Whoa!

  31. muito louco imagens muito boas mas que pena que um vulcão é coisa ruin

  32. Guys truly if there weren’t any talks about the END OF WORLD drama… then this news wouldn’t have made it so serious…

  33. In Africa ,a vocano is a strange thing especialy central Africa where I come from so we are following this story with a lot of interest.Our prayer is that it should not impact negatively on the native and the wolrd at large.
    People should always remember that God is in control of all things and in due course everything will be back to normal.
    Those affected should take heart and wait for God`s time coz it`s the best.

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