People Looking At Art

Emvy  scored complimentary tickets to the New York City Armory Art Show a few weeks ago. It was a beautiful day on the Chelsea Piers, (one of those fake Spring days full of sunshine that we had right before the blizzard) and the freaks and geeks came out in droves. International art shows are a great place to hang out and people watch. The “art scene” is full of people ready to be seen, and Emvy has always been fascinated by the relationship between people, space, and art. Many aesthetic theorists argue that a work of art is not finished until it is intepreted by the viewer. This “reception theory” might be recapitulated threefold, in multiple layers of viewership and audiencing. Here you are, looking at photographs I have taken of people looking at art.  Enjoy.       

“(T)heories of cultural transmission do not fully account for

how culture is learned by active and inventive individuals.

People do not learn all that culture presents to them, and

different individuals do not learn in the same way. […]

(P)eople construct various meanings about [art] that are

connected to their sociocultural experiences. Because people’s

lives are diverse and complex — they live in multiple cultures,

different people can construct many different kinds of


JoEllen Fisherkeller, Everyday Learning About Identities


~ by Vy on March 24, 2010.

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