Census2010: “Like Voting For Yourself”

Yesterday on WNYC I heard yet another public radio plug for the 2010 Census. In my ignorance, I was really surprised to see how much effort goes into getting people to fill out the census. Isn’t everyone incredibly excited about this? I’ve been practicing writing my name on forms for weeks, getting ready for the big day when I’ll check my very own mailbox, and see something other than bills.

Anyway, back on topic. I was listening to Brian Lehrer interview people about how politically contentious the census can be, and he ended the show by playing a ridiculous 2010 Census pop song with their hip slogan and priceless lines like “pursue it, theres nothin to it, every woman and man, they can do it“…

I’ve done some research now, to find out if there is really an official 2010 Census Song. I can’t find <the one I heard closing Brian Lehrer (skip to the end) but these are equally amusing.


~ by Vy on February 24, 2010.

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