Philadelphia Jigsaw

It looks like fortune might be leading me towards the City of Brotherly Love. Apparently, Fallopia’s destiny has turned to the eastern shore, but I am still trying to get my bearings. Leaving the West Coast is not an easy thing to do. I am a westerner by birth, tuned to the open skies and wide open highways. Nonetheless, I’ve been recently accepted to a graduate program in downtown Philadelphia- an area I’m told is dubbed “City Center”.

I have been to most of the major eastern shore metropoleis, but Philadelphia is…inland. Here is my first complaint about a city I know nothing about. How does a city become the 4th largest metropolis in the nation while being so far from the ocean? Absolutely afraid of being landlocked, I look for a river and find that there is one, named after the sound you make when choking on a piece of hair.

Okay. A river might suffice, but I am still wrestling with the question of where to live.
We all know that the space we call home has a social and emotional impact on us. That is why humans are nesters by nature. We surround ourselves with walls and hang scraps of fabric in our favorite colors. But what about the space outside your space? What is the importance of a street, and a block, and a neighborhood when you are looking for a place to be?

I’ll confess right now, the first thing I did was research the racial demographics of the city. It’s not 1962, but Philadelphia is still a very segregated city and I don’t want to be be the only brown girl on the block. I know this from a lifetime of experience being just that. This desire helped me eliminate the majority of the Northern block, leaving about 1/2 of the city to sort through.

Here is my personal add. YBF* seeks COB** with artists and trees. N/W*** is a must. Local book store a plus.

*Young black female
**Charactered older block
*** Near Water

I’m looking for suggestions, really. If any of you have ever been to Philadelphia, or have knowledge about any of the dozen or so wards that piece together the city, let’s talk.


~ by Vy on December 2, 2009.

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