Poem for a Blue Morning

Found myself reading through this beautifully harmonic collection of poetry this morning.  Thought I should share a bit of the goodness.

Who Can Stay the Bottles of Heaven?

Loneliness is a rising music of

A space I can only go to without

You. The love-god says she’ll devote

A moment to make it up to me, move

Me back to your dance of spells, then above

To your pincushion eyes of light. She doubts

Anything can be done soon, she’s not about

To change her schedule for one lousy love.

I miss your cello voice, your midnight lows,

The color of your hair, and dancing blue

To blue-violet. I miss your until tomorrows,

The shape of your wrists, even the way you

Say loneliness can be cured with just two

Things only you and the love-god can know.

-From, Discography, by Sean Singer.


~ by Em on November 18, 2009.

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