Halsey St., Brick City

Brick and GlassBack after a short absence–cross country moves and all–bringing you pure fallOpia for thought.

Newly resettled far away from LaX, sad but true, I have managed to dig up some interesting community finds. Newark, New Jersey [yes Newark] is a city with an image problem. Consequently the city is experimenting with how to [re]present itself to the world as a center of culture, comparable to NYC. While Newark is no Brooklyn yet, the locals of Halsey Street in downtown Newark are doing their best to bring a hip cultural scene to Brick City.

Tonight and next Thursday the Halsey St Block Party will be getting people back on to the streets and having a good time. Cooler weather be damned, there will be live bands, drinks, and film screenings. Last week things were kicked-off with the Coffee Cave bands, sweetly frosted cupcakes from Art Kitchen, and a screening of the now [in]famous film “Brick City.” Several galleries and bars in the neighborhood continued on well after the screenings, showing that despite Newark’s rough history the city has vibrant social and cultural life to offer.

This is Newark? Yes. Come down to get up. Festivities start around 7pm Oct. 1 and 8.


~ by Em on October 1, 2009.

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