Somewhere Summer’s End

Once the first of September rolls around, it’s going to be hard to pretend like summer is not over. If you are like me, you’ve had enough summer for one year and the crimson autumn tide has been a long time coming. Maybe you love summer, and you tear up every fall to watch summer fade through blurry red eyes. Either way, you are SICK of your summer music. I know I am.  5000 long miles in, I had listened to every CD I had and was miserable and furious about the inadequacy of what was, just months ago, the best music collection ever. Luckily. when this happened, I was approaching the central coast of California. I quickly ditched Interstate 5 for the coastal, country Hwy 1, which delivered me to the vivid crooked streets of San Francisco. All music lovers should know that there, if the hipsters don’t send you into crisis mode, you can find the Haight-Ashbury district Amoeba Record Store, home to my personal favorite: the Do-It-Yourself clearance bin. 

With CD’s priced at $1.99 on average, and a “buy 3, get one free” rule to send you over the top, I don’t mind buying new music here based purely on the name of the last track, or the pretty picture on the cover. It’s always a gamble, what you get is deliciously unpredicatable, and every so often you find a treasure. 

Hands & Knees is my clearance box gift to you. A 4-piece pop rock band from Massachusetss, their album “Et Tu, Fluffy?” sounds just like the end of my summer. Ragged nostalgia, ragged and raucous… let’ go out in style friends. Dance!


Et Tu, Fluffy?

LISTEN to my two favorite tracks:

Track 1: Midnight In The Applefield

Track 2: Hot Little Item


For a complete review of the album, you can check out Music & Entertainment blog Ryan’s Smashing Life, but I recommend you just buy it and find out for yourself.      





~ by Vy on August 31, 2009.

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