Globes Around L.A.

Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet”

GLobAL Warning

Opinionated Globes

If you are in the LA area and haven’t already checked it out you should take a walk through the rose gardens of Exposition Park and check out the exhibit Cool Globes. It is a collection of giant globes made and painted by various groups from all over the country. Each globe has its own particular environmental focus, such as sustainable agriculture or clean energy, presented in uniquely artistic ways. The collection is meant to inspire people to actively consider how they can act locally to make a positive global impact. Environmental groups, public schools, and artists from all over the country contributed to the collection which includes over 50 different globes.

It is a traveling exhibition and will only be in LA for a few more weeks. It is completely FREE and worth your time. It’s a perfect place for an early evening stroll as the sun sets over South Los Angeles. Be sure to check the other museums in Exposition Park while you’re there.

Technological WasteWhere Old Cell Phones Go


~ by Em on July 15, 2009.

One Response to “Globes Around L.A.”

  1. Thats a great idea! I love the globe of cell phones at the end.

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