Project 26 on 6th Presents: David G. Knox, Jr.

Nine Sets of Eyes Justify the World

The red winter sun sets after work behind the frosty-white branches that reach over the half raised house.

The excitement of seeing a psychiatrist.

A telephone pole crucifies the dusk-moon low in the sky.

It’s dark, and the cur barks to let you know it’s all right from the side of the road.

The cigarette sings itself to sleep against the black-cold pavement.

The Bible on the floor.

From bed, watching lovers love in the painting on the wall.

In the middle of the night, the blinking cursor beckons you out of bed.

Because it’s all you have, stale chocolates.

___________________ _  – _- _ – _ _

The Prostitute Napping in the Park

looks good from here,

like Flaming June in Blue,

older sister, better lover,

wilted breasts

done justice by the trim.

She wakes to dusk filling the park,

puts her wristwatch on first,

her lipstick,

then her hair up. She notices

the man on the bench opposite her,

sketching the world between them

in black Bic.

she rises and walks, thin, soft legs,

graceful gait,

the back of her navy-blue shorts

covered in dust.

An hour later, someone finds her

down on Couch street.

Terri Remembers Alaska

I’m going to really date myself here, this was
back before Alaska

was even a state. We were with my father
camping and saw that a big bear

…his Sunday drives. Even at three
I would plead, No! Mud and clay, we

got stuck every time. …Ooh!
And the fresh blueberries. Huge

patches of blueberries. …and those
helicopter-sized mosquitoes.

…but the gardening! Oh, the cabbage, lettuce,

the gardening was amazing, there
with the midnight sun.

twist-1-567-1White II

She sighs
a very Christian sigh
undoing her bra, and everything

The white straps slip from her sunken shoulders
and like petals
the emptied cups fall;

she holds the bra
endearingly as though a newborn rests there
cradled in her arms – her breath still,

breasts pale,
ceiling fan churning
slowly overhead

Originally from the rocky frontier of Eastern Oregon, David G. Knox, Jr. was educated at the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies in Southern California, crafting a degree in the Ineffable. After building houses in his homeland, he migrated North to Portland where he currently resides in some poetic state.


~ by Vy on June 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Project 26 on 6th Presents: David G. Knox, Jr.”

  1. What can a proud momma say? I especially like “Nine sets of eyes justify the world” I love you! Keep on writing my beautiful son…The world needs more of what you have to offer! Blessings!

  2. Awww…thanks Mama. Too sweet. Love to you too.

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