Summer Makes Music: Songs to Live By

Memorial Day has come again, clandestine as it comes to Los Angeles this year, draped in gray and murky days. Nonetheless, it means I am a year older and wiser, and most importantly, SUMMER is here. Yes! I’ve always been a summer kind of girl. Maybe it’s the campfires and raucous wildflowers, maybe it’s the late mornings and unanticipiated water fights, but I’m pretty sure the best thing about summer is the opportunity for percolating in shameless, gawdy, summer music indulgences.

The warmer months open up our musical capillaries. We don’t have to posture for those tasteful, intellectually sound modern arias. Summer is all about the ditties, chanties, and good-natured raillery. This is going to become an ongoing list of what we consider to be “Stupendous Songs for Summer”.

I say “we” because I hope you will all help me build this list by contributing your favorite summer sing-alongs.

I’ll start.

#1. This may be the best summer ’09 has given me so far. He calls it a demo, but I call it perfection. A brand new jaunt by a too-cool-for-school friend of mine, this is “It’s Times Like These” by Bryan Highhill.

#2. This track  is a nasty necessity. Get in it. It’s called “Come On, Come Over”  (Track #2) by freak bassist Jaco Pastorius. Ugh! (contributed by Andrew McKee)

# 3. Slow and steady. I’d never heard this man’s voice before, but now I hear it in my sleep. It’s never summer without a little homage to the groove called Hip Hop. Check out “Balcony Beach” by Lyrics Born. (contributed by Mike Kazell)


~ by Vy on June 1, 2009.

5 Responses to “Summer Makes Music: Songs to Live By”

  1. Happy Birthday Nay, sorry I am a few days late! Great song you attached to this post, kind of has a lazy yet structured vibe, definitely diggin it! I’ll think of a song for your list soon enough…

  2. OK, so I found my summer song for your list. Let me know your opinion, this song is hot! It’s by Lyrics Born and is off the Solesides album Greatest Bumps. The song is called Balcony Beach and can be found on his MySpace page;

    Let me know what your think!

  3. May I suggest make-you-wanna-stomp-around-like-your-in-a-musical “French Navy” by Camera Obscura

    and a fresh release from Brooklyn based The Motorcycle Industry titled “The Lost Weekend”

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