The Fallopia Podcast: Incipient/Nascent DIY

EMVY in Nascence

Technology has eluded us for several weeks but we’re finally getting on track. Fallopia presents EMVY’s first podcast! Just click the blue link and you’ll be taken to a page were you can listen to us cheerfully and critically discussing the implications of our projects and how we understand the internet as a medium for our ideas.

Our primary goal with the podcast is the keep you entertained, for after all, how else do we keep our listeners tuned-in? We’ll admit it, our first podcast is a hodgepodge of randomosity, however each of our podcasts will take up different themes as the weeks go on that will (hopefully) be more than just pure entertainment for our listeners. In the upcoming weeks we’ll be editing several podcasts in the 26 on 6th studios. Some upcoming podcasts will be focusing on the public education in California as well as young graduates and our hopeful economic prospects.

If you have any suggestions for topics you would be interested in let us know. We’re open to anything our listeners want to hear.

Stay Tuned.

hard at work



~ by Greg on May 25, 2009.

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